Being in a remote place, not every part of the Islands have access to waste management facility. However, there are other ways to address this issue.

Disproportionate distribution of facilities occurs everywhere, and Anambas is no exception. Whilst the people of Terempah, the main town, receive some waste management facility, some villages in nearby islands do not. It has become a habit to burn household waste or even to throw them into the sea.

On 2013, Biosfir Indonesia, together with Biosphere Association, spoke in couple of schools in an effort to address sea pollution issue, especially by plastics. Raising awareness to kids in primary school, through high school, as well as suggesting community programs that they can do themselves.

Posters were printed out to explain how plastic waste will be around and will not biodegrade for a very long time. And possibly, will never biodegrade at all if they reach the sea. Primary school students reflected what they have learned by making drawings; while we had a more in-depth discussion about the issue with the junior and high school students.