Biosfir Indonesia was formed as a project name for our partnership with Biosphere Foundation to preserve and protect Durai Island (Anambas Islands) as a green and hawksbill sea turtle nesting beach (2009-2011). This initiative was successful and resulted in the island and surrounding region to be declared a Marine Protected Area. As well, it encouraged other marine conservation, educational, and economic projects to be initiated in the Anambas Islands, an archipelago of approximately 240 islands in the South China Sea.
We believe that we cannot successfully preserve the environment without empowering the local people with education and economic assistance. Within all of our projects, we encourage the local community to eventually become the drive behind the cause.
At the moment, we are focusing on The Anambas Island Project . Have a peek on our Project page to know more!
Biosfir Indonesia consist of experienced people both in environmental conservation as well as community outreach and development programs. We always welcome extra helping hands with various backgrounds,
just drop us a line!