Marine Conservation Program

The Anambas Islands Project is a conservation program which initial purpose was to protect endangered sea turtles in the Anambas Islands. As we spend more time in Anambas and with the people, we understand that we need to do so much more. Conserving our sea also means to help educating the people, getting them to care, as well as helping them with their quality of life. Such effort, we believe, are essential parts of keeping the people and the environment at balance.

Naya Turtle

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Alongside our effort to conserve marine life, Biosfir Indonesia also establish a communication flow with the local people with the objective of getting support as well as raising awareness on the importance of preserving the marine life. As most of the people's income depends on fisheries, preserving a balanced ecosystem becomes very important, not only for the biodiversity, but also for the local people of Anambas. 


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